Gamarjoba, dear traveler! 

My name is VASO. I was born and live in Georgia.
For more than 5 years I have been conducting individual tours and excursions to the most interesting, ancient, picturesque and even non-touristic corners of the country.

Why do You need a guide and why me? It's simple:
1. Trips will be adjusted exclusively to your rhythm and physical training. You do not have to hurry for the guide, holding an umbrella over his head and strained to listen to his stories, standing in a crowd of other tourists.  
2.  The cost of my excursions already includes everything you need: food and entrance fees.
You do not have to once again stand in line and waste your time.
3. We will visit non-touristic places where large groups of tourists do not carry.
4. We will stop at any stage of the route, so you can take a photo in the place you like. Nothing but common sense limits our wishes on the trip!
5.  We can plan your unique route based on your personal wishes.
6. We will move in a comfortable car with air conditioning or minivan (depending on the number of people). 
7. Will help with the selection of wines and national jewelry - minakari, because I own liquor store and minakari master. There are good discounts for my guests.


I love Georgia very much, and I am very pleased to share this feeling and knowledge about this amazing country with my guests!
I will be glad to your address and applications for excursions!


Always in touch your guide - VASO!


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